Here you will find some things that have made an impact on my life.  The items that have made the biggest impact were often recommendations from someone else.  Therefore, I feel obligated to recommend things as well.

I have found learning is best done with an open mind and a willingness to explore.  My best learning is not done in a complete vacuum, but in a healthy cycle of seeking, asking, listening, and reflecting.

These items may often get mentioned throughout the blog and often are behind some of lessons I’ve learned.  I do plan to continually add books I read or things I find useful so please stop by often to check out what’s new!

 (Disclaimer: many of these are affiliate links)



Books are the best inputs of new information in my life. Nothing else comes quite close even though we have incredible new ways of gathering new information. Books have the depth, focus, and length to truly influence your perspectives and behavior. I grew up the son of a high school English teacher so it was normal to read books for fun around our house growing up. When I got into my 20’s my focus switched almost exclusively to non-fiction out of a desire for more information. The books listed here are mostly non-fiction that have made the biggest impression on me throughout my life.