The Importance of Unity

The Importance of Unity

We live in a divisive world these days. The recent political elections here in the U.S. have highlighted this reality. We feel divided by our income, gender, race, heritage, and even who we root for in sports.

Divisiveness is not only ugly but it’s terribly destructive. It ruins countries, churches, friendships, and families. It is a poison that if left untreated will ruin everything in its wake.

We need more unity.

Unity means:

 – We don’t judge each other.
 – We act with love first.
 – We respect each other.
 – We listen to each other.
 – We are generous with each other.
 – We support each other.

 – We fight for each other.

I firmly recall the strongest sense of unity I have experienced as an American very clearly. It was our response as a nation after 9/11. We got attacked by terrorists on our own soil and lost thousands of American civilians and heroic civil service members. Afterwards, as a country, we felt vulnerable and afraid. We were angry.

And we were united. We felt and acted as one. In those moments, we deserved the name that our country bears, the United States of America.

Since that time, I’ve felt that our unity in our country has slowly eroded. You see it in our politics, on the news, in hate crimes, and the way we view income inequality. The beliefs that differ us are primarily not about who is right or wrong, yet we let those differences divide us anyway. The root of this reality is that we don’t respect how others feel and think. We are too focused on our self.

We need to be careful to limit our consumption of information that fosters divisiveness. Most media news organization’s fosters divisiveness. Media companies primary objective is to make money, and they succeed when there is controversy. Controversy is often the seed that grows into divisiveness and the news channels use this to generate interest. Interest equates in revenue. To put it frankly, controversy sells. The news often takes a subject that typically unifies the majority and finds a way to throw in some controversy to generate more interest. So instead of fostering unity, new channels primarily foster divisiveness.

Unity needs to be a focus in our lives. To achieve unity, we must start with those closest to you.  It starts in our home, in our marriage and with our children. We need to be united within our homes so that it is a place of comfort and trust. Of peace and love. If we can’t have unity there, then we’ll struggle to find unity and trust in other places.

As a father, I feel responsible for setting the tone for that unity primarily by leading by example. My mood and disposition affects the entire household and that is a responsibility we shouldn’t take lightly.

Beyond our immediate family unity needs to extend to the rest of our family and friends. Then our neighbors and community.

Unity needs to extend in our places of worship and between our places of worships. We need to not let minor philosophical differences dilute our united value of love.

We need unity in our schools. They need to be places of acceptance with no bullying or shaming.

We need to have a sense of unity within our companies and with our coworkers.

We need our cities, counties, states, and country to be unified.

We also need unity as civilization. We all have more in common than we recognize. We do come from different backgrounds, have different beliefs and values, but we’re all human. We all deserve love and respect and opportunity to find happiness in this world. We all should stand united to help each other pursue that happiness, regardless of our differences and views.

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